Diane Marinelli has had a passion for making delicious confections since she was a child.  From her Easy Bake Oven to afternoons watching Florence Hanford and Julia Child on television, her innate love for baking grew.  Keeping her passion on the back burner, Diane pursued a career in nursing and received her Bachelor’s degree from Temple University in 1977.  Diane soon became a stay at home mom and rekindled her yearning desire to bake by spending every spare minute of her time in the kitchen.

After much trial and perseverance, her entrepreneurial journey began to take shape.  Her first, signature and award winning cookie, “Peanut Butter Mousse,” was created in her home kitchen.  With the inspiration and encouragement from family and friends, she continued to create her original collection of gourmet cookies by combining a unique blend of various flavors, textures, and artistry to create her one-of-a-kind cookies.
Millions of cookies later, a website with a national online presence, and a storefront, Diane hasn’t lost touch with her simple hand-made origins. Using the finest all-natural ingredients, all Cookies by Diane are fresh baked by hand daily.

Diane continues to create, test, and cultivate her irresistibly delicious cookie repertoire. “Keeping fresh” is her motto by constantly challenging herself in designing recipes and discovering new, outrageously delicious and original cookie combinations. 

  • Independently owned and operated since 2000.
  • Cookies By Diane produces more than 5,000 boxes of cookies annually.
  • Cookies By Diane offers 10 signature gourmet cookie varieties with additional seasonal creations, each a distinctive work of art.
  • Since inception, Cookies By Diane has hand-made more than one million cookies.

Yours Truly,

Diane Marinelli

Gift boxes now made from

95% recycled paperboard.

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