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Chocolate Chip Cookies never tasted this good! 

Our original and irresistible  “Chocolate Chip Heath Crunch” cookies are a kind all their own…as they are fresh baked with a simple, yet rich, homespun goodness that you’ve never tasted in a Chocolate Chip before.  A buttery goodness exudes from a chewy center, loaded with oodles of pure rich chocolate with crunchy morsels of milk chocolate and toffee. This unique blend of flavors creates a one-of-a-kind chocolate chip cookie, like no other!

Our colossal creations will melt in your mouth as they are snatched from a Hot Red box that sizzles with  “THANK YOU” in a metallic sheen of rainbow colors.  What better way to say “Thank You” then with flawless taste!   A most finger lickin’ token of appreciation.   

Description Price Qty.
A Tasty Token - 3 Colossal Cook $11.95
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